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I'm a personal trainer in Croydon, but I'm not just a fitness coach, I'm also a sports therapist & Triathlete (Ironman). I live & breathe fitness & health and have a wealth of knowledge in anatomy, physiology and how the body works.

I recognise everyone as an individual, requiring a bespoke personal training programme to achieve your goals. With a wide range of disciplines we can exercise outside, in a gym or around your house.

I also offer group personal training sessions in Croydon where you can train with your friends more regularly and get quicker results (maximum 4 people).

I offer personal training in Croydon, but I also cover many other local areas including West Wickham, Beckenham, Biggin Hill, Woldingham, Warlingham & Oxted.
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Personal Trainer in Croydon
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I have studied nutrition on my personal training and sport massage courses. Throughout my fitness career I have done body building, Thai boxing and Ironman Training, where nutrition plays an essential role.

By looking at your goals we can come up with an eating plan that will be geared towards achieving your goals.
Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Training
This uses cutting edge information, using posture and movement assessments to see your functional movement capacity and identifying any limitations and weaknesses.

We can work a plan around any limitations, getting your body working more effectively. Corrective Exercise will help with your day to day activities, or for sport performance. We will be working on strengthening, lengthening, mobility for better muscles and joint movement.

As we get older our bodies can become less mobile, through injuries, sitting most of the day, the use of our phones and computers. Let’s get you back to your best. We are not looking for the perfect posture but a better posture.
Running Gait Analysis
We are a nation gripped by running, unfortunately most of us have fallen foul to injury, and those who haven't are probably holding back a bit and not running to their true potential.

Gait analysis looks at how the body mass as a whole and can help pinpoint areas which are contributing to injury or holding you back from that PB.

The benefit of having it done by a specialist Gait Analysis Sports Therapist, is that we are trained to observe and screen movement patterns, getting to the bottom of your issues, quickly, without selling you a pair of trainers at the end of it.

At the track or treadmill I use video evidence to accurate analyse and assess your movements. This helps me work out exactly what is going on with your body and what we can do to help you get back on track.
Fitness Coach Croydon
Running Programming
Gait Re-Education & Rehablitation
Rehabilitation Plan
Techniques & Cues
Bio Mechanical Rehabilitation Strength & Conditioning
Video Gait Analysis
Croydon Personal Trainer
Static Posture Assessment
Video Walk Gait Assessment
Video Running Gait Assessment
Posture Correction Exercise
Triathlon Training Program
Identifying Weak Links, Imbalances & Restrictions
I’m a suspension trainer (TRX) which is a great bit of kit to use during a full body work out. With every exercise on TRX you train your core muscles at the same time as improving strength, balance, agility and power.

It's good for sports performance from running to golf & puts the fun in functional.
RIP Training utilises the same asymmetrical loading we encounter every day and combines this into your personal training routine.

Rip Training is a simple, yet very effective method to integrate rotational movements into your training with the added bonus of layering on complexity to suit your goals.
Want to punch someone in the face ? I don’t recommend it. Pad work is super fun, super de-stressing & has physiological as well as psychological benefits. It builds confidence, agility, speed, co-ordination, endurance and strength whilst learning a new skill. You also will not get arrested or fired, so come and de-stress.
I am a kettlebell instructor. A kettlebell is a weight with a handle and can be used in numerous ways to tone and strengthen. This is a great calorie burner and a great way to train for quick results.
I run a successful boot camp in Croydon twice a week. This is a fun, effective fitness class activity. The Boot Camp will work you to your ability to get fast and effective results. Within the class we do a mixture of high and low intensity workouts, to keep you motivated and keep your personal training regime challenging.
Benefits of Personal Training
~ Improve Your Overall Fitness
~ Reach or Maintain a Healthy Weight
~ Focus on Your Unique Health Concerns
~ Body Fat Loss / Weight Loss
~ Body Shaping and Muscle Toning
~ Cardiovascular Fitness
~ Increasing Energy, Stamina, & Endurance
~ Create a highly motivating workout that will inspire you to keep moving towards your goals.
~ Increasing Sports Performance
~ Increasing Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, and Muscle Flexibility
~ Improving Coordination
~ Enhancing Immune System
~ Reducing Stress and Anxiety
~ Looking Better and Feeling Better
~ Faster Results
~ Beating Personal Bests
I get regular sports massage with William and it has really helped prevent injury and enhance my personal training I have reached my personal best in running events. Although it's not always relaxing William knows when he has reached the tight muscles and works on them adequately.
Jolene S (Runner)
I wanted to complete the New York tunnel to towers 5km run and, being 50 plus and not particularly fit, I knew that I had a lot of work to do. William was recommended to me as a personal trainer. He encouraged & motivated me and makes the training sessions fun and rewarding. His knowledge with regards to diet and nutrition is extensive and his communication style makes it easy to put theory into practice. As a result I completed the run in a respectable time! William's genuine enthusiasm came through on every session and I cant recommend him highly enough.
Mary H (Happy & Fit Client)
Personal Training Croydon
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